4th August 2017 Lee Hall

Neymar’s move was all about ambition, not money

When history looks back at the £200m Paris Saint-Germain paid for Neymar, the focus will be on the money both paid and earned. We are talking figures that just don’t make sense to the common man. But the truth of the matter is this move was not about money to the man at the centre of it.

Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain? Are you mad?

So if this move was all about legacy and ambition, why leave Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain? The answer is a simple one. Neymar believes he has to step out of Lionel Messi’s shadow to win the coveted award of FIFA World Player of the Year. Or as it’s now know, the FIFA Ballon d’Or.

Can Neymar break Messi's chokehold on the Ballon d'Or

It is no secret that footballers, just like some of the world’s richest CEOs want to be seen as the best in their discipline and being No.1 means everything. Trust us when we say coming second on last year’s Forbes 10 Richest List was a big annoyance to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

With that said however, Neymar’s eyes are purely focused on how he would be remembered back home in Brazil. That is the fundamental driving force for his move from the most recognised team in football history to a team that doesn’t even dominate it’s own league. That is an amazing statement of his ambition.

Legendary status confirmed?

Brazil is a footballing nation like no other. Forget England, the one world cup and the fact the rule book was written here. It is a completely different ball game. Brazil is where footballing legends are made and to join that list, you need to have the most coveted award in football.

Can Neymar join this group of Brazilian gods?

And that is Neymar’s driving goal – to be remembered at home like Pele, Zico, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Romário and to a lesser extent, Kaká. Brazil worships it football stars and they are held up higher than Christ The Redeemer.

The hard truth is that he will always be an extra in the Messi Show. How can you be the World’s No.1 when you are not even the most important player in your team or league? The move was a must.

We all want to achieve the most from life and to feel extremely satisfied. This is why the eye water £200 million move was all about ambition, not money. Well, to Neymar anyway.

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