Ready for a speedy start to success?

Our Quick Startup package has been tailored to meet the needs of today’s entrepreneur. If you need to get your business off the ground with the minimum of fuss, the Quick Startup package is perfect for you.

Whats included in the Quick Startup Package?

  • Electronic copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum, Articles of Association and Share Certificates
  • Basic holding page
  • 250 high quality business cards
  • 500 business flyers designed & printed
  • And more…

The Quick Startup package consists of our digital company formation plan, your chosen .com or domain name, a basic holding page and much more. We can also setup five email accounts using your new domain name. We also include the design and print of 250 double-sided business cards alongside 500 flyers/leaflets. If needed, we can also include our Quick Startup Logo package** saving you £££s on design.

Why choose the Quick Startup Package?

This package is ideal for individuals taking their first steps into self-employment and owning their own business. Let us manage the entire company formation process for you so you can focus on enjoying the startup process.  We will arrange electronic delivery of your copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum, Articles of Association and Share Certificates. Should you need physical copies, please contact us or look at our All You Need package.

Once incorporated, the next step is creating your online presence with your chosen domain name. We will point your chosen domain name at a holding page. A holding page is a great way to tide over your visitors until you are in a position to launch your full website. You will use this as a teaser for your future website and you can use it to collect email addresses from potential customers. You can also use this page to promote your social media handles in the startup phase.

Business cards & flyers

As you will probably be in the early launch stages, we also include 250 business cards as part of the package for network building. These are printed on 450gsm matt laminated card in full colour. Featuring both your logo and contact details, they will be helpful during those important early meetings. The flyers, or depending on your choice of stock, the leaflets can be single or double sided. Find out more information about our flyers here.

The Quick Startup Package includes the design & print of business cards

Social media set up & support

By default, the Quick Startup package does not include any Social Media support. We recommend that prior to selecting a business name, you should take some time to check the chosen name’s social media presence. Check usernames and hashtags to see if your company name is available. We offer a service for this or you can look at our next package.

Domain name and basic holding page

There are many website builders from Wix to Shopify that will help you setup a website. We recommend using WordPress as your website platform and by default, we build holding pages on a WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world. It powers almost 28% of all websites on the internet.

WordPress is free and comes with thousands of website designs and extensions. It is extremely flexible and works with almost every third-party tool and service available to new businesses.

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** indicates additional costs